Larix Broadcaster

Apps and SDKs for capturing and streaming from mobile devices

Larix Broadcaster uses full power of mobile devices cameras to stream live content, basic features include:

  • Larix streaming library capabilities.
  • Landscape/portrait orientation.
  • Live rotation support.
  • Front/back cameras hot switch.
  • “Always vertical” and “Always horizontal” modes support.
  • Content recording and screenshots saving support.
  • Pause the stream: long tap on Start will pause the stream without disconnecting it.
    Video track will contain a black screen, audio track will contain silence.
  • Stand-by mode: when stopped, long tap on Start will start stream in pause mode, waiting to start with the camera image.
    A separate set of overlays can be mapped onto stand-by.
  • Audio-only capture mode: disable preview, stream from background, no video in output stream.
  • Overlays support:
    • Define image layers;
    • Assign layers for all mode: streaming, pause and stand-by;
    • Use external URL and local images;
    • Enable layers on-the-fly via quick display options.
  • Other platform-specific features are listed on Android and iOS pages.

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