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Live Match® Sport Channel is a fantastic statistics and entertainment tool for sports, promoting and popularizing REGIONAL championships.

Live Match® Sport Channel is able to register and broadcast sports matches online to anywhere in the world, since other media such as radio, TV and tabloids cannot broadcast the events or are not interested in them.

Live Match® technology allows users to monitor matches, share guesses and post them on social media.

Live Match® Sport Channel provide their technology via WEBSITE, APP and IPTV.

Live Match® Sport Channel ” The Voice Champions “

Our Vision

Live Match® mission statement
Our main strategy is to expand our streaming subscription busines globally. We are continually improving the customer experience with a focus on expanding our streaming content, improving our user interface and extending our streaming service to even more devices connected to the Internet, while staying within the parameters of our consolidated net income and revenue targets. contribution income from the sports segment.

Live Match® Vision Statement
Becoming the best global sports entertainment distribution service. Licensing entertainment content worldwide, creating markets that are accessible to sports fans and professionals, and helping content creators around the world find a global audience. ‘The brand promise is a search;

Live Match® Values
Judgment, Communication, Curiosity, Courage, Passion, Altruism, Innovation, Inclusion, Integrity and Impact.

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